Bed Bugs And Moles

Signs of a bedbug problem:

Usually found in bedrooms
Are found in any dark area, not just beds
They feed at night when you are in bed
Can survive for months without a meal
An established infestation will also have an unpleasant smell, which I secreted by the bedbugs.


Bedbug adults are about 3.5 mm in length and have a thin waist, large abdomen and long legs, making them look like a spider. They are flat, wingless and vary from a pale straw to brown colour depending on how long it is since they last ate. And can last up to 1 year without a blood meal.


Mating takes place off the host, the female attaching up to 200 – 500 eggs to the structure.
The local temperature must remain above 10-13 degrees centigrade for the eggs to hatch.
They then take about 6-...

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The grey squirrel lives throughout mainland England and Wales although it is still absent from much of Scotland. They live in woodland areas, in particular areas with conifers. It also lives in parks and gardens, wherever there are trees.

Signs of a Squirrel problem:

Grey squirrels are active in the daytime and are easily seen and identified
Feeding signs include pine cones from which the wings have been stripped to get to the core.
Split open nuts, tooth marks
Squirrels also strip bark, particularly from deciduous trees
Squirrel tracks are sometimes visible in mud and snow.


Squirrels have a winter coat, which is grey above with a white underside. The summer coat is shorter, sleeker and brownish grey above...

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Cluster Flies

Cluster flies are common in the UK. They hibernate and cluster in numbers within walls, attics and around window frames. They re-appear early Autumn year after year if left untreated.


  • Hundreds of flies clusted together within window frame
  • During the winter these flies cluster in vast amounts in roof spaces and lofts, with several thousand flies clustered together.
  • If woken up early from their hibernation, they can be lazy and cause problems.
  • You may get two generations a year and sometimes up to 4 if the climate is really warm.
  • They are attracted to light and some will find their way into living areas.


Cluster flies are about 9mm long and slightly bigger than the house fly...

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In the United States, there are 12,000 different types of beetles, some of which are known to be beneficial to the environment while others are considered harmful. Some species of beetles get rid of garbage and dead trees, while others cause damage to crops, plants and property.

The most common types of beetles are:

Carpet Beetles
Japanese Beetles
Lady Beetles, also known as, Lady Bugs
While there are thousands of different Carpet Beetles, Black Carpet Beetles are common pests in New Jersey. As with many beetles, Carpet Beetles:

Choose to live close to a source of food

Invade the home or property in search of protein, which can be found in hair, dander and other small particles of food
They can enter your home or business through cracks and crevices or find entrances under roof ove...

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Fleas are the worst and most hated of infestations in our homes and workplaces. They are parasites that attach themselves to a host. They live on the host and feed on skin, feathers etc. The most common species in the UK is the Cat Flea, which bites humans.

Signs of fleas in your cats bedding.

Cats bedding can support a population of 8000 immature and 2000 adult fleas.
Signs of larvae in carpets or bedding.
Signs of itching spots on the skin, with a single puncture in the centre.
They are blind and avoid sunlight.


The adult flea is about 2-3mm in length and of a shiny brown appearance. They have a thin flat body and large hind legs that allow them to jump.


Flea eggs are about 0.5mm long, oval, pearly white in colour.
They are laid in the fur or feathers ...

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House Mouse

Signs of a House Mouse problem:

Scratching noises, particularly under the floor or in the attic as they move around.
House mice are most active at night but maybe seen during the day, looking for food.
House mice leave dark droppings about 3mm long.

They dribble urine onto surfaces and as a result have a charactaristicaly strong odour
House mice gnaw on almost anything, e.g., electric cables, carpet, soap, insulation etc. They do this to keep their teeth sharp.
You may find nibbled food packaging with teeth marks, especially cereal packets, although they will eat almost everything.
They build nests in warm, hidden places using shredded material such as newspaper and fabric and near a food source, generally within about 3-7M from their nest.

House mice...

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Oriental cockroaches are found worldwide, and occurs commonly in the United Kingdom, mostly indoors in heated buildings. It is frequently found indoors, in restaurants, hospitals, prisons, hotel and other institutions. The German cockroach is found all over Europe. Adult cockroaches can live up to 26 weeks.

Signs of a Cockroach problem:

  1. They hide during the day, so you may only see them at night. They hide in small cracks and crevices.
  2. Their deposits have a distinct sour smell
  3. They tend to be found around drains, dustbins and rubbish tips.
  4. They do need water to survive and will eat almost anything.
  5. They defecate and regurgitate onto surfaces.


They males are approximately 25mm in length and the females about 32 mm. They are shiny and very dark brown, nearly black.


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Ants are not known to cause or carry any diseases, however most people usually discard food that has been fed on by ants. HOW DO WE GET RID OF ANTS We will follow the trails of worker ants back to the nest(s) and if the nest can be exposed and it is safe to do so, the nest can be treated with insecticide.Read More

Silverfish And Cockroach


Silverfish are found worldwide. They are common throughout the UK. They are active particularly at night in bathrooms, kitchens and pantries where they become trapped in sinks, baths, glass and pottery. By day they hide beneath loose floor coverings, behind wallpaper, skirting boards, bath panels and similar places. There are no specific differences between male and females.

Signs of a Silverfish problem:

Evidence of damage to papers, books , leather, textiles
They may also invade packets of dried foods, especially in damp cupboards.


Silverfish have a carrot shaped body and a silvery scaled body and are up to 20mm in length.


The eggs are carefully laid in crevices, in food stuffs or nearby food stuffs.
The female lays up to 100 eggs in total,...

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Rabbits And Harlequin Ladybirds


Rabbits are found across almost all of Western Europe. They live in colonies, underground in warrens (also known as setts or burrows)

Signs of a Rabbit problem:

Signs of tunnels and rabbit holes
Rabbit pellets
Damage to crops, plants and small trees.

Rabbits can be distinguished from a Hare by size. The Hare is bigger and has characteristic black tips on it’s ears. Rabbits have a small white tail when running, smaller hind legs.


Rabbits breed all year round.
They reach sexual maturity in 2-3 months and have a gestation period of just 28 days.
They can produce up to 5 litters a year, average size is about 5.


Rabbits eat most things which are green, young shoots are a favourite, thus causing extreme damage to crops, gardens, lawns and f...

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