Ant Exterminator

Ants are a very common problem in New Jersey households and businesses. The ants you see crawling across the floor are similar to little workers who are in search of food to bring back to their colony. As ants travel, they leave behind a scent for other worker ants to follow. These scavengers search for water as well as greasy and sweet substances to feed upon. They will find sources of food that may not be visible such as crumbs behind or underneath furniture, grease deposits in the kitchen or water condensation on the piping in the walls of the home. However, once they have discovered a source, one foraging ant can bring enough food back to the colony to feed over 100 other ants at a time.

Merlin’s Ant Removal And Exterminator

Carpenter Ants
In New Jersey, the Carpenter Ant is the most...

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Mice Exterminator

Since mice are curious creatures, our mice killers use this to our advantage. We use innovative bait and trap techniques that encourage the mice to investigate the changes we make to their environment. Before long, the mice find and consume our specially formulated powder, which puts an end to the infestation.Read More

Merlin’s Silverfish Extermination

If you notice items on your bookshelf have chewed-on page and bindings, silverfish are the culprits.
As the name suggests, silverfish are small, flattened insects that have a fish-like appearance
They have silver to bluish-grey coloration and are nocturnal creatures
Will venture out into the night in search of food and water, which is when they attack your bookshelf.
Do not actually eat paper, but rather enjoy eating the glue or paste that holds packaging and the bindings of books together
Also feed upon dust, debris, and other small insects during their travels
Silverfish Extermination

As the weather becomes hot and dry in New Jersey, silverfish start to become a nuisance for many homes and businesses...

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Merlin’s Cockroach Removal

Cockroaches are filthy pests that are transported by people and often make their way into your home or office through visitors. Often times, a person can pick up and transport a cockroach unknowingly. Cockroaches can hide on fruit in a grocery store, on a bus, in packages, purses or luggage, and many other places. There are four kinds of cockroaches that can infest your home or business:

Cockroach Removal

  • German cockroach
  • Brownbanded cockroach
  • American cockroach
  • Oriental cockroach
  • The German cockroach

Most common type of cockroach that’s found in New Jersey homes, apartments, hospitals, and offices. Prefer warm, humid areas and typically congregate near a source of water...

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Cricket Removal

Merlin’s offers cricket extermination services for the two basic types of crickets that are bothersome to residents in New Jersey, Field Crickets and Camel Crickets. Our team of pest control specialists has developed an innovative process to eliminate these pests from your home or office.

Dark brown to black with rounded wings that almost cover their bodies. Some would say they look like jumbo shrimp with legs
Primarily found outdoors in fields, pastures, and yards where they feed on a variety of plants
Known for singing or chirping during the night. What you’re hearing is the male Field Cricket trying to attract a mate. As the chirping becomes louder and more frequent, these crickets become a nuisance both inside and outside the home

Merlin’s Pest Control Bugs Cricket Removal Services

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Merlin’s Rat And Mice Exterminator

Since rats become frightened when their environment is invaded, our rat exterminators have numerous options to choose from when considering the best way to exterminate and will select the best option according to your rat situation.

Merlin’s Rat Exterminator

A problem for all types of establishments in New Jersey, including homes, office buildings, hospitals, and restaurants
Can live in a variety of conditions and are typically found around homes, farms, gardens, and open fields
Extremely unsanitary, as they are known to transmit many parasites and diseases to humans and animals
Rats can be very destructive and will cause serious damage to structures and property in a short amount of time
Can create baseball size holes as they chew into houses and commonly end up living in the attics, cr...

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Merlin’s Flea & Tick Removal

,h2Merlin’s Flea & Tick Removal

Small, reddish brown insects that live and breed on common household pets such as dogs and cats
Feed on blood and while they do not have wings, they use their long legs to jump from mammal to mammal
Fleas usually find shelter and lay their eggs in carpets, mattresses, sofas, and other upholstered furniture
In order to lay eggs, a female flea first has a blood meal and within 48 hours, a batch of eggs is produced
The eggs or pupate can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to hatch and release a new set of fleas
Flea extermination is a meticulous process that only professional exterminators can handle. Merlin’s flea exterminators perform a thorough treatment on every square inch of your home to uncover flea infestations...

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