Merlin’s Silverfish Extermination

If you notice items on your bookshelf have chewed-on page and bindings, silverfish are the culprits.
As the name suggests, silverfish are small, flattened insects that have a fish-like appearance
They have silver to bluish-grey coloration and are nocturnal creatures
Will venture out into the night in search of food and water, which is when they attack your bookshelf.
Do not actually eat paper, but rather enjoy eating the glue or paste that holds packaging and the bindings of books together
Also feed upon dust, debris, and other small insects during their travels
Silverfish Extermination

As the weather becomes hot and dry in New Jersey, silverfish start to become a nuisance for many homes and businesses. Silverfish pest control can be a grueling and continuous battle for those who try to use do-it-yourself methods. When silverfish feel in danger, they have an innate ability to completely shut their bodies down for days to weeks at a time. Silverfish avoid contact, so as soon as they sense your spray, they will run into the wall and will not move for 3 to 4 weeks. This can become frustrating as you think you’ve solved your silverfish problem, but before you know it, they have returned.

Our goal is to exterminate as many silverfish as possible, but due to the biology of silverfish, we implement a routine silverfish maintenance plan that consists of ongoing treatments in order to monitor the infestation. All of our services are guaranteed and we will pursue these pests until they completely gone. Contact us immediately to get rid of silverfish.

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