Merlin’s Flea & Tick Removal

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Small, reddish brown insects that live and breed on common household pets such as dogs and cats
Feed on blood and while they do not have wings, they use their long legs to jump from mammal to mammal
Fleas usually find shelter and lay their eggs in carpets, mattresses, sofas, and other upholstered furniture
In order to lay eggs, a female flea first has a blood meal and within 48 hours, a batch of eggs is produced
The eggs or pupate can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to hatch and release a new set of fleas
Flea extermination is a meticulous process that only professional exterminators can handle. Merlin’s flea exterminators perform a thorough treatment on every square inch of your home to uncover flea infestations. Our unique treatment is not dangerous to animals or humans, but will effectively exterminate fleas.

Flea & Tick Removal

This year is predicted to be a bad year for ticks and there have already been numerous reports of ticks in yards and properties throughout New Jersey. If you own a property that is near a wooded area, you are at a greater risk of a tick infestation. A tick community typically begins where the edge of the yard meets the woods. While most ticks do not interact with humans, there are a few that will latch onto any accessible host. Ticks are hunters, for they will hide in the leaves and trees alongside paths, waiting for the next mammal to walk by.

When a tick has latched onto you or your pet, it’s important to remove it immediately. Deer ticks are the most popular species and are known for the spreading of Lyme disease. Tick extermination can be an intricate process, but we use a Center for Disease Control approved university design program to eliminate ticks around the wooded edges of your property. Contact us today and let a Merlin’s flea and tick exterminator protect your home, family, and pets from these pests!