Wasps Nest Bury St Edmunds

The most common types of wasps found in the UK are the European and German wasps.


Wasps build a nest from a papery substance in the cavities of trees, attics, walls and other parts of buildings.


Their bodies consist of black and yellow bands and they have a narrow waist in the middle of the body. The worker wasp is about 10-15mm in length and the queen is usually about 20mm in length. They have two pairs of wings. Only the females will sting and only when frightened or disturbed.


The queen hibernates over the winter and then creates a wasps nest in the spring in which to lay her eggs.
She feeds her young on dead insects until they grow into sterile worker wasps...

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Health Risks of Flea and Tick Infestations

Even though you may realize that you should call your local pest control company whenever you see rodents and pests invading your private property, you may not realize the health risks these critters pose. Squirrels and other rodents may carry parasites such as fleas and ticks that can bring health problems to you and your beloved pets. Since often your pets may wander in and out of your home, you should recognize the serious threats these fleas and ticks can bring.


Ticks are small insects that often live in wood-rich areas. They feed off of the blood of both animals and humans by attaching themselves to the skin. After feeding on the blood, they inject toxins. These toxins could cause irritation or an allergic reaction without proper removal...

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The Damage Termites Can Do To Your Home

As soon as you spot evidence of termites in your home you should call a termite and ant extermination company to come and get rid of them. Unless you take action against them, the problem will only get worse. The cost of hiring a pest control company for an afternoon is a small fraction of what it would cost to fix the foundation of your home. Get rid of termites before they cause too much damage.Read More