In the United States, there are 12,000 different types of beetles, some of which are known to be beneficial to the environment while others are considered harmful. Some species of beetles get rid of garbage and dead trees, while others cause damage to crops, plants and property.

The most common types of beetles are:

Carpet Beetles
Japanese Beetles
Lady Beetles, also known as, Lady Bugs
While there are thousands of different Carpet Beetles, Black Carpet Beetles are common pests in New Jersey. As with many beetles, Carpet Beetles:

Choose to live close to a source of food

Invade the home or property in search of protein, which can be found in hair, dander and other small particles of food
They can enter your home or business through cracks and crevices or find entrances under roof overhangs. Once inside, they create homes on pets, naturally made carpets or rugs and anywhere hair or dander builds up
On the other hand, Japanese Beetles usually remain outdoors and feed on foliage, including a variety of plants, leaves, flowers and overripe fruit. However, they will enter a home to invade indoor plants. The Japanese Beetle is one of the most devastating pests, as it can cause serious damage to landscape in a short amount of time.

Lady Beetles, often called Lady Bugs, are highly beneficial to gardeners or outdoor enthusiasts as they are predators for many other plant pests. However, an overwhelming amount of Lady Beetles inside a home or on a foundation can become a nuisance as they crawl all over windows, doors, walls and hide in attics or insulation.

We use innovative methods to quickly eliminate the beetles before further damage is done. We don’t just treat the beetles you’re seeing. We inspect every crack and crevice, inside and outside the home, to find how they’re invading your property. In addition to resolving your beetle problem, we also take preventative measures, which include the closing or sealing of these openings.